Plastic Biodegradation DB - Annotate Genome

Upload a file

Please upload a fasta file with protein sequences. Or download an example file here . The file can be compressed as .gz. The example file consists of all proteins predicted fron the genome of Ideonella sakaiensis.

BLAST type

If the uploaded file has protein sequences, use BLASTP. If it has nucleotide sequences, use BLASTX.

Organism type

This information is used to predict sigal peptides in the proteins using the SignalP 5.0 software. And, therefore, having an indication of wheter the protein is or is not secreted.

E-value (1e-x)

Expected number of chance matches in a random model. For example, a value of 6, means 1e-6. (Evalue tutorial video)

Suggested values: 3 - loose, 6 - medium, 20 - restrict.

Percent identity

Percent identity of the alignments.

Suggested values: 10 - loose, 30 - medium, 70 - restrict.